£4£ Incentive Scheme 2023

1. Earn £1 commission for every £1 of revenue.


    • 1.  General Terms

            Customer must be signed and live before end of
      September 2023

            Customer must be in a minimum of 24-month

            Customer must be signed up to Selective
      Networks direct debit collection system.

      1. Requirements:

            Minimum revenue amount to qualify: £5000, New
      revenue, live before December 2023.

            Customer must have paid 3 x months of invoices
      for the incentive payment to be released.

            Customer must pass a credit check.

            Customer must not be a current customer of
      Selective Networks.

      1. Qualifying products:

            All monthly billed contracted services
      contracted through Selective Networks (Customer services UK Numbers Ltd).


             The billed monthly qualifying products is not limited to the main product only.
      E.g., Hosted VoIP, the incentive is also included on all sub products
      /additional contracted items: Examples but not limited to:  Call Recording
      /Maintenance / Mobile Client / Desktop Client / ECR / Call Centre Agents / ACD
      Agents / Supervisor Agents

      4.     Does not include:

            Upfront / One off payments

            Any Lease contracts /customers

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