Selective Networks & BT Price Changes April 2022

One of our main wholesale partners British Telecommunications, took the decision in January to increase pricing, at 3.9% plus CPI (Consumer Price Index). BT use the CPI rate published in January which was at 5.4%. Published here by BT:

The price increase on all products and services will therefore be at 9.3%.

For all our business customers, that will typically mean an increase of between £10.00 and £25.00 per month.

External pressures out of our control:

  • Inflation
  • The global cost of hardware (desk phones, and IT equipment) imports
  • Business energy cost increases
  • Our wholesale partner price increases


We are committed to ensure that you’re receiving the best possible service from us your chosen telecommunications partner. Below we highlighted some existing and also new implementations for this year:


  • Our quarterly account reviews. Our account managers will be in touch with you to review your account, this includes your fixed costs, overspend, data usage, and anything additional that would prove useful to your business and our offering as a service provider.


  • A business grade telecommunications service from a local independent business. We’re reviewing all our service levels to ensure that you’re covered in the event of a service/hardware failure.


  • A review to our support services to ensure that our clients who operate outside of normal office hours have access to our teams and resources should they require.


  • An enhanced omni portal for clients to check their current mobile/ broadband services, usage, and bills.


  • Refer a business scheme. Giving our clients the ability to win a £50 voucher should they refer a business to take our services. This is for each service referred.


  • A knowledge base of documentation and resource to ensure our IT savvy customers can implement their own features, and functions.

We of course welcome all feedback, positive or constructive from our clients and partners. Please feel free to complete the short questionnaire. All feedback is viewed by our team on a very regular basis. Please complete the short form below to provide us with your feedback.

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